Installation / Poetry

Presented by

Historic Santa Fe Foundation

October 5 – 31, 2018

545 Canyon Rd.

Santa Fe, NM


Poem   The Departed



absence in the departed

wind rakish and cruel


creak of ice  lumbering melt

bleak faltering moan of sky


a whale cow mourns at sea and I

keep looking for someone to cry with


in blistering blizzard  a colony of penguins

circle their young

turn in slow motion against the gale


and I weep  body

bent in some infinite

ache  horizon of black

ocean touching sky


buoyed by weight

weight of a great sadness


torched and turning globe

             hearts gone mad


nothing but absence

                         absence that opens the eye


that blade of remembrance

                      how it turns


the nothing over again

                           into a leaf


or stone

             or reed

                           or shell