About Me

Jean Fogel Zee is a Southwest poet and sculptor with a history in dance.  It is through movement, poetry, and sculpture that she explores reality.  Jean trained with The Royal Ballet in Houston, TX, Action Theatre with Ruth Zaporah in Berkeley, CA, and Authentic Movement with Janet Adler.  Jean’s performance works have been supported by grants from the City of Austin, the Texas Commission on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.  The practice of Authentic Movement continues to be the informing influence in her life and work.  Jean combines kinetic installation with the written word.  Her exhibitions invite the viewer to read, touch, interact and experience the work.  She has been presented by the Historic Santa Fe Foundation in Santa Fe, NM, and was featured artist-in-residence with Berlin’s online zine The Wild Word.  Jean’s next exhibit opens May, 2020 at El Zaguan Gallery, Santa Fe, NM.