Entering The Body

Entering The Body Authentic Movement

Authentic Movement is a Jungian based movement exploration. There are two roles in the practice: mover and witness.  The mover moves with eyes closed, the witness gives full attention to the mover.  As mover, we allow whatever is present to lead, it could be heaviness, tension, weight, numbness, joy, anxiety, or stillness.  Any sensation that is there we acknowledge and follow.  As witness, we learn to remain present, without judgment, aware of ourselves, as well as what we are observing.   

When we seriously enter into the roles of observer and the observed, without assumptions as to our experience, we enter an open field where anything is possible. Through practicing this form, the unconscious is given room to inform and influence our conscious life.  In this work, our body is the source. 

Authentic Movement was created by Mary Starks Whitehouse in the late 1950’s.  Mary had been a professional dancer before she spent nine years studying with C.G. Jung in Zurich, Switzerland.  When she returned to the states she began developing work she called Depth-in-Movement, which evolved into the contemplative form of Authentic Movement.  For over three decades Jean Fogel Zee has been practicing and facilitating Authentic Movement and remains committed to the purity of the form.  

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