Authentic Movement

Entering The Body


                       Not knowing is most intimate.   Chinese Koan by Ti-ts’ang

There is a saying in meditation practice: Observe the mind as one observes traffic, let it flow by, see, observe, and see again.  Entering the body is similar.  We explore through observation.  The body moves as the mind thinks: non-stop.  Just as the mind is an accumulation of acquired data, the body also accrues a learned vocabulary and for the most part this is the extent to which the body expresses itself.  The practice of Authentic Movement takes us beyond our learned physical vocabulary.  Proprioception, awareness in movement, becomes an opportunity to observe.  Understanding this, we develop an inner witness.  This happens without effort as the body left alone is free of effort.  Witnessing and effortless attention bring the body into alignment.  Inner thoughts come and go, our somatic experience begins to take the lead.  We are in the unknown at this point, and this is the payoff of the practice.  We arrive where there is no script.  Witnessing at this point becomes the container.  As the mover/witness relationship develops, our learned vocabulary of movements begin to fall away, and the door to the unconscious begins to open. 


Group Fees: $30 per person

Private: $85 for one hour

A sliding scale fee is available depending on individual circumstances.  If you are interested in this option, please contact me to learn more.