Authentic Movement

Entering The Body


                       Not knowing is most intimate.   Chinese Koan by Ti-ts’ang

Authentic Movement is a discipline involving a mover, a witness, and their relationship. The mover, with eyes closed, moves in response to body-felt sensations, emotions, movement impulses, and or images. The witness observes the mover from a a place of non-judgement and non-interpretation. The focus of the witness is to experience the movers movement, much like observing nature. We watch a stick float down the river which give us our own personal experience of seeing. Sensitive tracking by the witness provides containment and clear attention for the mover. The alert non-interpretive attention of the witness is essential in creating a container where the mover’s experience is allowed to deepen and unfold. The witness benefits in immeasurable ways as well, in that the witness cultivates presence as a lens for seeing, without necessarily naming the content.  Not naming is an aspect of contemplative work. 

Rates:  Group: $20 to $40 based on group size / Private: $50 to $80 session, sliding sc