Authentic Movement

Entering The Body


Authentic Movement allows us to unlearn and reshape that which influences us unconsciously.  Uncensored embodied expression is like unwinding a top, eventually there comes a still point. The still point is the unscripted new potential. It is here the work of the unconscious unfolds.  

In the contemplative form of Authentic Movement we learn the skill of true witnessing. To witness is to be neutral, nonjudgemental, present. As the mover/witness relationship develops, our learned vocabulary of movements begin to fall away, and the door to the unconscious begins to open. Through this practice we have access to active imagination, our own limitless creativity and the effortless ease of body mind centering. 

Authentic Movement offers the attentiveness of yoga, the equanimity of meditation and the benefits of talk therapy.  Contact Jean for information on group or private sessions.

Group Fees – $30 per person
Private  $85 for one hour

A sliding scale fee is available depending on individual circumstances.  If you are interested in this option, please contact me to learn more.